Launch your project on Base Blockchain

Token Locks, Multisender, Vesting, and more now available on Base blockchain for your projects....

Token Services and Management App Supports Coinbase Base Chain

Are you ready to launch your own token on Base?
Do you need to send Base tokens to multiple addresses?
Ever wanted a complete Token Management Solution for Base?

Team Finance presents an all-encompassing and user-friendly ‘no-code’ suite of services to launch and manage your project on Base chain.

We just integrated Base blockchain into our token management app so you can have easy, secure, and ready to go Base projects today.

Token Creation: The first Step of Your Crypto Project

Mint and Burn Token Tool
Customisable Token Generation App

Minting your Base token has never been easier.
With Team Finance, you can create your own token on the Base blockchain within seconds, without the need for any coding experience. 

Token creation on Base is FREE - for a limited time only!

Once created, you can seamlessly manage your token through our intuitive dashboard. Our pre-audited smart contracts have been battle-tested to ensure reliability and security for your community. Integrate features such as reflections, burn, and mint functions.

Liquidity Locks: Building Trust & Inspire Confidence

Foster trust and create trading activity by locking your liquidity tokens (LPs).

When you lock your liquidity, you’re showcasing your commitment to the long-term success of your project.

On Team Finance you can secure regular liquidity locks for your Base trading pairs, along with V3 LP tokens for Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and QuickSwap.

Team Token Locks: Uphold Transparency & Enhance Credibility

LP Token Lock Details
Token Lock Dashboard Management

By securely locking your team tokens, you not only create transparency to restrict your access to them, but are also enhancing credibility within your community.

Team Token Locks on Base are a simple way to demonstrate commitment to your project's roadmap and instil confidence among your community members.

Once locked in the time-defined smart contract, you can manage your locks with minimal effort through your personal dashboard. 

NFT Locks: Safeguard Your Non-Fungible and Semi-Fungible Tokens

In the same way that you demonstrate your commitment to your community by locking your tokens, you can lock your NFTs.

Just dropped your collection and holding your treasuries or Team NFTs in your wallet?

Use this NFT lock service as a community building initiative and demonstrate commitment, whilst keep them safe by locking in a smart-contract. 

Multisender: Streamline Your Token Distribution

Token Multisender App
Bulk Send Tokens on Base Chain

Just launched your project and need to distribute tokens to multiple wallet addresses? Our multisender tool has got you covered on Base chain.

With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly send tokens to hundreds of wallet addresses, whether it's for your Token Generation Event (TGE), airdrop, or competitions.

Simplify your token distribution process and save valuable time and resources.

Token Vesting: Empowering Commitment & Ensuring Stability

Custom Token Vesting Schedules on Base
Token Vesting Dashboard

Have investors, founders or staff that need vesting schedules?
Our token vesting service now supports Base.

Vesting schedules are the key for stable distribution of your tokens, automating the process to share these tokens post-TGE with your investors, advisors and team members, releasing gradually over a period of time to aligning their incentives with your project's milestones and objectives.

Our token management dashboard allows you to upload vesting information via CSV, or create custom schedules from right inside the app.

You can set up hundreds of vesting schedules in just a few clicks, to set and forget whilst the smart-contracts do the hard-work.

Staking: Engage and Reward Your Community 

Activate your community, incentivize your token holders, and reduce token sell pressure with our staking pool creation service.

You can now create a customized reward pool on Base tailored to the needs of your community in just a few clicks. Build your campaign and incentivise your community members to stake their tokens to earn rewards.

Everyone loves staking, supporting your favorite project and receiving a passive income. 

New to Base Chain?

Developed by Coinbase, Base stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of Layer 2 (L2) blockchains.

Offering cost-effective solutions and unparalleled accessibility, Base combines Ethereum's robust security with Coinbase's best practices.

As an EVM-compatible layer 2 built on the Ethereum chain, Base is opening doors to endless possibilities in the web3 space.

With user-friendly on-ramps and seamless integration, Base is ready to play a pivotal role in onboarding users to web3.