New Features & Improvements for Jan 12th, 2024

Verse Token added to our Quick Swap widget, a new "Support Chains" section, improvements to the Token Vesting Wizard, and more.

Jan 12th 2024 - Development Update - Team Finance

Team Finance continues to evolve, bringing you more features and improvements for an even better experience.
This week's updates are all about enhancing functionality and user-friendliness.
Let’s dive into what’s new!

Expanded 'Supported Chains' Section

Addition of Verse Token to Quick Swap Widget

  • What’s Added: The quick swap widget token list now includes the Verse token.
  • The Impact: This expansion offers more versatility in your token swapping options, enhancing the utility and user experience of our quick swap feature.

Vesting Wizard UIX Enhancements

  • What’s Improved: Several key updates have been made to the Vesting Wizard UIX, including:
    1. Option to choose an end date for the vesting schedule.
    2. Increased tooltips for better guidance.
    3. A summary statement of the contract before confirmation.
  • The Benefit: These improvements provide a more intuitive and informative vesting process, ensuring that users have a clearer understanding and control over their vesting schedules.

Enhanced Timezone Visualization

  • What’s Updated: Improved the visualization of timezones in the app.
  • The Advantage: This update aids in easier internationalization, making it simpler for users across different time zones to interact with the app effectively.

Revamped Pricing Page

  • What’s Launched: An updated pricing page with new features, including a plan comparison table.
  • The Impact: This gives a clearer, more comprehensive view of our pricing structures and plan benefits, enabling users to make more informed decisions about the services that best suit their needs.

We continue to iterate and improve all aspects of Team Finance in an effort to bring you the best token management platform available. We’re always eager to hear your thoughts so we may continue improving our services, products, and app.