New Features & Improvements for Feb 28th, 2024

Solana Blockchain Token Generation & Token Locks tool, the best Multisender app, Newsletter Email Subscriptions & more...

Best Multisender Tool, Solana Mint Tool, Crypto App Advertising Updates

This months series of new features and improvements, designed to enhance your experience and expand our services.

Here's what's new across our token management platform this month:

Solana Blockchain Integration

  • What’s New: Integration of Solana into Team Finance, including a dedicated subdomain microsite.
  • Why It Matters: This expansion supports more diverse blockchain operations, catering to the growing Solana community and enabling seamless Solana transactions. We now support two major services: Token Generation and Token Locks with Solana Blockchain with more features coming soon.
  • What’s New: A new landing page and contact form for advertising opportunities with The Crypto App.
  • The Benefit: The Crypto App offers an Android and iOS platform for advertisers to reach new crypto consumers, enhancing visibility and engagement for projects. You can now contact the team through our online form and advertise your crypto project on a platform with over 5 million downloads worldwide.

Multisender Tool and Landing Page

  • What’s New: Launch of a new token Multisender tool, accompanied by a dedicated landing page showcasing our industry leading features and benefits.
  • Why It Matters: Simplifies bulk token distributions, making it easier for projects to manage token allocations efficiently. You can now see all your spending history in one place with your Multisender dashboard
  • What’s New: Introduction of a cookie and privacy notification banner with customizable options.
  • The Benefit: Enhances user privacy and provides transparent cookie management options, aligning with best security practices. You now have more control over your cookies on the Team Finance platform.

Vesting Wizard Improvements

  • What’s New: Updates to the Token Vesting Wizard, improving the interface for start and end dates, and maximum values for inputting financial information.
  • Why It Matters: Streamlines the vesting setup process, offering a more intuitive and flexible tool for managing vesting schedules. A new cliff period feature has been added so you can now set your TGE Tokens to be claimable.

Newsletter Email Sign-Up Form

  • What’s New: Addition of a newsletter email sign-up form on landing pages.
  • The Benefit: Ensures you stay informed about the latest news, updates, and features directly through your inbox, enhancing engagement and communication. The landing page newsletter forms allows you to sign up to news & updates specific to each token management service.

Tackling improvements, blockchain integrations, new services and tools - we’re really pleased with the development over the last few weeks and can’t wait to showcase our new updates next month!