New Features & Improvements for Nov 30th, 2023

Staking Wizard FAQs for better usability, improved token address access, and a brand new header menu for the main website to help navigation...

Dev Updates and Tech - Nov 30th - Team Finance

At Team Finance, we're constantly innovating and refining our platform to ensure the best possible experience for our users. This week, we're excited to share several key updates that not only enhance functionality but also directly respond to your feedback.

Streamlined Blockchain Navigation

  • What's New: We've added a new section to the 'select wallet' modal, simplifying the navigation to non-EVM chains.
  • Why It Matters: This update is a game-changer for our new users who have found it challenging to switch between the main site and non-EVM microsites. Now, connecting wallets like Tezos is more intuitive, ensuring a smoother experience for everyone.

Enhanced Header Menu

  • What's Improved: The header menu now features a new dropdown option linking to our updated docs, contact page, and a brand new FAQ page.
  • The Benefit: These changes make vital resources more accessible, streamlining navigation and ensuring you have quick access to the information you need.

User-Friendly Token Address Copy Feature

  • What's Updated: In the dashboard, clicking on the token contract address now copies it directly, rather than redirecting to a block explorer.
  • The Advantage: This update, inspired by user feedback, aligns the site's functionality with your actual needs, especially useful for those engaging with DEXs and other platforms.

New Staking Wizard FAQ

  • What's Added: A new FAQ question in the staking wizard.
  • The Significance: Addressing a frequently asked question, this addition aims to clarify and enhance your understanding, boosting confidence in using our staking wizard.

Resolved: Token-Vesting Page Loading Issue

  • What's Fixed: A previous issue where large vestings would not load correctly on the token-vesting page.
  • The Resolution: This fix dramatically improves the experience for users with extensive vestings, ensuring reliability and efficiency in viewing your vesting data.

Comprehensive FAQ Page

  • What's Launched: A central FAQ page on our site.
  • The Impact: This new addition consolidates information, making it significantly easier for you to find answers, enhancing your platform experience, and supporting our SEO efforts.

Your feedback drives our continuous improvement, and these updates reflect our commitment to making Team Finance the most user-friendly and efficient platform in the web3 space. We're excited for you to explore these new features and look forward to your thoughts and suggestions.