Launch on X Layer with Team Finance

With X Layer's integration, Team Finance users can seamlessly create, manage, and secure their tokens without needing any coding skills.

X Layer chain services now on Team Finance Token Management Platform


Team Finance has integrated X Layer by OKX into its suite of token management services. Now you can mint your token, lock liquidity & team tokens, use staking as a service, and more with no coding experience required!

Let’s explore how X Layer’s cutting-edge blockchain technology seamlessly integrates with Team Finance, enhancing the value of the platform and expanding options for users.

X Layer by OKX

X Layer is a privacy-focused layer 2 network that is secured by the Ethereum blockchain and powered by OKX, one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. It includes innovative features such as low fees, fast transaction times, and enhanced security and privacy due to the integration of Zero-Knowledge (zk) proofs.

X Layer’s compatibility with Ethereum’s Virtual Machine (EVM) ensures a smooth transition for developers. X Layer projects can now leverage the enhanced security features offered by Team Finance without major code changes.

X Layer offers scalability and flexibility along with many other benefits including:

  • Lower fees: X Layer has very low gas fees.
  • ZK-powered scalability: X Layer is much more scalable than Ethereum thanks to ZK-validity proofs.
  • Ethereum security: X Layer is secured by the Ethereum network’s Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.
  • Unified liquidity: X Layer can transfer assets securely across multiple CDK-developed chains within Polygon 2.0’s layer 2 ecosystem.
  • Near-instant finality: X Layer utilizes cryptography to ensure the integrity of transactions and achieve lightening-fast finality with robust security.
  • Powered by OKX: X Layer provides an all-in-one Web3 gateway and access to 50M users in the OKX ecosystem.

Integration Overview

X Layer Token Services List - Mint - Locks - Staking - Multisender and Vesting

1. Token Creation

Now it’s easier than ever to create new tokens on X Layer by using the Token Creation tool on Team Finance. Mint your customizable, pre-audited tokens in just a few clicks without any coding experience needed.

2. Secure Token Locks

Team Finance users can now easily create secure token locks on X Layer blockchain. Whether it’s liquidity locks, NFT security, or vesting schedules, Team Finance provides secure mechanisms to manage digital assets on X Layer.

3. Multichain Locks

X Layer’s EVM compatibility enables seamless integration with various networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more, expanding security for multi-chain protocols.

4. Automated Token Vesting

Team Finance simplifies token vesting for X Layer users. Whether it’s distributing team tokens or managing investor allocations, Team Finance’s industry-leading smart contract tools handle the process efficiently.

5. Cryptocurrency Multisender Tool

X Layer users will benefit from Team Finance Multisender, an intuitive tool for streamlining token distributions. With Multisender, airdrops, rewards, and initial distributions can be done quickly, saving you time and money in the process.


The X Layer and Team Finance partnership exemplifies innovation in blockchain services. As Team Finance continues to enhance security and interoperability, X Layer users can enjoy a secure and intuitive experience when creating and managing tokens on Team Finance.

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