Faster Token Management - Optimized Web3 Services

We optimized our landing pages & token app to give you faster token management services on mobile and desktop.

Faster Token Management - Optimized Web3 Services

We're Faster Than Ever

Speed - not just a world shattering action blockbuster movie from the 90's, but also a crucial metric for blockchain transactions and access to Team Finance services.

We saw a 100% increase in new users last month - a success metric we're happy to share. But that brought a new problem: New users are hungry for resources, and we needed to deliver the goods.

That's why we spent the last few weeks concentrating on substantial upgrades to our network's speed and reliability.
By focusing on these changes, we aim to significantly improve your experience while using every one of's Token Management services.

The Problem

Feedback from our users showed performance bottlenecks during peak times, specifically relating to the individual token pages, and our advanced coin search tool.

Essentially, there are now so many of you that we had to kick into overdrive, spool up the turbos, and make sure the server's don't go below 50mph (there's an excellent Speed quote for you, seriously have you seen the movie?)

The Solution

In response, we looked at our database, API, resources and front-end media for optimization opportunities and deployed a series of system-wide enhancements designed to streamline operations and minimize latency, ensuring our platform performs robustly even under the heaviest loads.

Results of Speed Optimization

Optimized Web3 Content Delivery Graph
Team.Finance Speed Reports

Core Landing & Token Pages

We looked at what was important for to you: Fast access to services, token pages, and your use of our search functions to find new coin information.

Our focus was on optimizing media & resource delivery to these key pages and functions.
This includes real-time updates on Token Unlock dates, Liquidity Locks, and key Pricing Statistics like Circulating Supply and CoinGecko rankings.

Enhanced Search and Filtering

The Best Token and Coin Searching Tool
Improved Token Search Functionality

The View All Coins search page has received major upgrades, and now returns coin information at a much faster rate. Allowing to look for more tokens and compare key information faster than before.

Many of you were using the custom filter options, like searching only on Ethereum, Base, or Blast networks. The increased activity on Base chain (from our most recently blog post on creating projects with Base) meant we were just in time to deliver these speed upgrades to meet demand.

API Endpoints

We've also upgraded our API endpoints for 3rd party integrations.
That means our third party partners can now take advantage of faster access to our coin event data - so they can deliver token metrics and key event info to their users faster than ever.

Committed to Improvements

Due to the efforts of our developer team, we now have a more stable, reliable and efficient network of services for you all.

Our coin search page is now able to deliver content faster than before.
And our individual token pages are able to load in under a second - a huge improvement for our mobile users!

We're always looking to improve - which means we take feedback very seriously.
Thank you to everyone who took part in helping make Team.Finance a better token management platform.